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Full Automatic Canned Food Retort Machine

Full Automatic Canned Food Retort Machine

Employing soft water for sterilization to avoid pollution to the surface of package

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Product Details

Product description:

This sterilizer mainly used for the sterilization of herbal tea beverage, canned food, plant protein beverage, coconut juice drink, peanut milk, soymilk etc. advanced sterilization equipment makes food more healthful, and have a long shelf time.

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Excellent performance:

1, High-quality materials, make sterilizer more durable and safer

2, Advanced technology and gauge, automatic failure detection, alarm and stop

3, Good sealing condition, reach good sterilization effect

4, High temperature autoclave, make sterilization more thorough, lengthen shelf time

5, Matched to sterilization cage loading & unloading system, greatly improve operation efficiency, save manpower and production cost

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1.Direct heating by steam and indirect cooling by continually recycling the water through the heat exchanger, avoiding secondary contamination to the food package;

2. Employing soft water for sterilization to avoid pollution to the surface of package; no special requirements for cooling water which reduce the cost of sterilization;

3. Siemens PLC automatic control system and touch screen, easy to operate;

4. Pressure control system can adjust the pressure in the tank automatically and precisely in case the packages break or deformation during sterilization process. 

5. Monitoring temperature ensures food safety, saves energy, reduces production time and assists in providing the best quality product.

6. System will make alarm calls automatically when the temperature, the pressure, the water level, or any other kinds of error occur.

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