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Full Automatic Stainless Steel Autoclave Machine

Full Automatic Stainless Steel Autoclave Machine

The filled sterilizer baskets are introduced in the DTS retort,then the heating phase can begin.

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Working principle of sainless steel autoclave machine:

The filled baskets are introduced in the DTS retort.

Then the heating phase can begin. 
It is realized by direct steam injection inside the vessel. The steam injection ramp is mounted under the baskets. The scattering is done between each basket. 
The steam modulating valve opening is controlled by the PLC, till the programmed temperature is reached (121°C for example).

The condensates are stored in the lower part of the vessel.

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Application of sainless steel autoclave machine:
Full-featured high-temperature retorting to adapt to all types of packaging materials:
1 glass container: glass
2 metal containers: tin cans
3 aluminum cans plastic container: PP bottles, HDPE bottles
4 soft bags: foil bags, transparent bags, vacuum, high temperature cooking

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