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Fully Automatic Two-layer Immerse Autoclave

Fully Automatic Two-layer Immerse Autoclave

Fully automatic two-layer immerse autoclave has top& bottom pots.

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Fully Automatic Two-layer Immerse Autoclave


Feature of Fully Automatic Two-layer Immerse Autoclave:

1. Uniform temperature and no blind angle 

2. High temperature short time sterilization

3. Higher temperature sterilization, save energy

4. Interchangeable between full-auto control system& manual one

5. Autoclave adopts simulation temperature control system and could set every phase heating mechanism

6. Flexibility: Our factory could design every kind of no-regular product according to different client’s demand and technique requirement.


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Working Principle of Fully Automatic Two-layer Immerse Autoclave:

1. One batch sterilizing water is preheated and used by two chambers alternatively which improves the working efficiency.

2. The circulating pump recycles the sterilizing water in the processing tank.At the same time,the steam heats the water to the set temperature and keeps the temperature in an excellent condition.

3. The coiling water enters the retort directly to cool the products down quickly.

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