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High Quality Food Sterilizing Pot

High Quality Food Sterilizing Pot

Our firm specializes in producing autoclave devices application of the most modern production .

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Our firm specializes in producing autoclave devices,Application of the most modern production facilities in connection with a proven system for the approval of the equipment through a notified body .Complete autoclave systems with pressure and temperature control for the autoclave production ,Guaranteed temperature homogeneity throughout the entire working area via optimised ventilator and optimised airflow and through the special alignment of the heaters. Process optimisation based on an analytic computer simulation of the airflow characteristic and temperature distribution,All necessary tests can be carried out on-site. This guaranties high quality, proven product characteristics at the highest level of safety.


1.Q:Are you the manufacturer?

 A:We are the manufacturer and also the trading company of autoclave pot

2.Q:What is your primary autoclave machine type?

A:Horizontal &vertical,switch pot machine

3.Q:Do you have the factories or production lines?

 A:Yes,we have workshop.excellent engineers and experienced workers, Always welcome to visit our factory

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