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High Quality Industrial Autoclave

High Quality Industrial Autoclave

Available in standard diameters from 900mm to 1800mm for this autoclave.

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Product Details

High Quality Industrial Autoclave

Key Specifications/Special Features:

Applicable scope:

1.Cans: tin can.tin canned, aluminum can

2.Flexible pouch series: flexible retort pouch, laminated film bag, high temperature cooking bag, vacuum bag

3.Plastic container series: PP bottle, HDPE bottle, do not recommend

4.Glass container series: do not recommend


1.The water in the top tank is preheated at first.

2.After the temperature reach the setting temperature, the water will fill the two sterilizing tanks.

3.The two tanks can work at the same time.

4.The sterilizing water could be recycled. Energy saving and high efficiency.

5.Save capital and improve product added value.

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1.Available in standard diameters from 900mm to 1800mm

2.SIEMENS hardware and software.

3.Carbon or 304 stainless steel construction.

4.SIEMENS touch screen HMI.

5.Door-open manual or automatic.

6. support available by our engineers.

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