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High Quality Steam Type Sterilizer

High Quality Steam Type Sterilizer

The sterilizer is direct heating atomized sterilizing water with steam.

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High Quality Steam Type Sterilizer

Basic principle: direct heating atomized sterilizing water with steam

1.  Atomized sterilization water can expand the area of the heat exchanger to achieve effective heat exchange.     

2. Steam and atomized sterilization water will directly exchange heat in the autoclave. The steam heat can be used 100 percent, saving heat energy and getting the maximum energy efficiency.

3. In order to set the temperature, a small amount of circulating water will circulate rapidly in a well-distributed water temperature.

4. The sterilization water is sprayed at various angles and produces high temperature airflow in the autoclave. This ensures that the internal temperature is even.

5. The F value preset, making the disinfection effect visible and controllable, not affected by the food temperature and the increase of the size, ensure that each batch of sterilization effect is even. The "commercial sterilization" of the food industry is a very important innovation for the canned food industry

6. Compliance with ASME or international standards

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F Value Detecting Advantages:

1.Observe the status of heat distribution inside of retort

During sterilizing process temperature and time of sterilizing could be adjustable  according to the requirement of the  different food ensure the same sterilizing effects and standardize the sterilizing process.  

2.Test the central temperature of products

Four pieces of detecting probe are equipped with the autoclave,operators can monitor the F-value of food center and exam the heat distribution inside , get the time when temperature reach the center of food from its surface at any time (heat penetration)

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