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Horizontal Water Spray​ Retort

Horizontal Water Spray​ Retort

horizontal water spray​ retort machine is injected into a small amount of process water.

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 Product Description for Horizontal water spray retort  :

horizontal water spray retort machine is injected into a small amount of process water, to the expected position through efficient circulation pump - filter - high efficiency heat exchanger will be injected into the water spray pipe, and then by ejecting atomizing spray nozzle will hot water to the surface of food, uniform distribution of internal heat, pan unsterile blind Angle.Water through the heat exchanger for heating and cooling, heating and cooling speed is rapid, can effective sterilization, comprehensive, stability of product.Especially suitable for glass products and drinks beverage sterilization.

Equipment Features Horizontal water spray retort:
1.  Control system
 •  Use screen analog control.
 •  All times has analog sensors and automatic control valves.
 •  You can switch from a single to a multi-stage sterilization process.
 •  Pressure and temperature are digital display.
2.  Analog temperature control system 
  According to requirements of different food sterilization conditions to set heating and cooling procedures,  so that every kind of food is sterilized in the best condition. It can avoid the cooking odors
which produced by high temperature and pressure processing method.  

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