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Packaged Food Autoclave Equipment

Packaged Food Autoclave Equipment

During sterilizing process temperature and time of sterilizing could be adjustable according to the requirement of the different food ensure the same sterilizing effects and standardize the sterilizing process.

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Product Details

Applied Scope

Cans:Tin can , tinplate, aluminum can

Flexible package: PP/PE package,stand pouches retort pouch, aluminum foil bag , high temperature bags, and vacuum bags.

Plastic :PP bottles, HDPE bottles

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Mold Specs Detailed

F Value Detecting Advantages

1.Observe the status of heat distribution inside of retort

During sterilizing process temperature and time of sterilizing could be adjustable  according to the requirement of the  different food ensure the same sterilizing effects and standardize the sterilizing process.  

2.Test the central temperature of products

Four pieces of detecting probe are equipped with the autoclave,operators can monitor the F-value of food center and exam the heat distribution inside , get the time when tempreature reach the center of food from its surface at any time (heat penetration)

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  Q: There are too many types of machines for choice, I don't know how to choose the fittest.

  A: If you plan to buy machines, please contact me and tell us the detail requirements about the       machine you need, and we will give you a good recommendation according to your requirements.


   Q: Why choose Lingmai

   A: 1) Our company owns a factory manufacturing food autoclave production line.

       3) We provide good before and after sale service;

       4) 100 % QC inspection before shippment;

       5) Competitive price.

   Q: None of your machine on sell meets our capacity requirements.

   A: We are professional in manufacturing all sizes of gypsum production machines and autoclaves. The machine can be customized as your requests.

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