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Packaged Food Autoclave

Packaged Food Autoclave

Product Description of Double pot parallel water bath type sterilization potthe use of hot water cycle, immersion sterilization.

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Product Description of Double pot parallel water bath type sterilization pot:

Double pot parallel water bath type sterilization pot,the use of hot water cycle, immersion sterilization, the sterilization process, the bacteria goes to the circulating water tank, down, left and right constantly switching from tank to ensure the sterilization temperature, heat to cool down, any uniform heat distribution points, effective way to eliminate the dead occurred during sterilization phenomenon, the product's shelf life is more stable and long term. Sterilization tank temperature sterilization process has remained stable at all stages to ensure that the F value of pass rate.

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Features of Double pot parallel water bath type sterilization pot :

High temperature short time sterilization double - tank hot water circulation is used to sterilize,and the water in the sterilizing pot is heated to the temperature required by sterilization in advance, thus shorting the sterilization time and improving working efficiency.

Double pot parallel water bath type sterilization pot working medium used in the sterilization process can be recycled, which saves energy, time and manpower and material resources and reduces the production cost,The two tank can be used alternatively as a sterilizing tank when sterilizing , and the output can be improved simultaneous.

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1.Q:What is your primary autoclave machine type?

A:Horizontal &vertical,switch pot machine

2.Q:Do you have the factories or production lines?

 A:Yes,we have workshop.excellent engineers and experienced workers, Always welcome to visit our factory

3.Q:What is your terms of payment & lead time?

 A:30% as the deposit ,70% before shipping after receiving 30% of the total amount as advance payment by T/T,we’ll begin the production of the goods ordered ,which will be ready for delivery in about 30 days .After the customer checks the goods and pays the balance 70% we’ll deliver the goods

L/C at sight is also accept