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Packed Food and Beverage Autoclave Machine

Packed Food and Beverage Autoclave Machine

Retort Sterilizer is widely used in sterilization or second sterilization of packed food

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Sterilization Machine Classification:

1. According to heating type: Steam Heating sterilizer retort and Electric Heating sterilizer
2. According to material: SUS304, and carbon steel
3. According to structure: Can produce vertical sterilizer pot and horizontal sterilizer pot

Retort Sterilizer is widely used in sterilization or second sterilization of packed food and beverage, especially for food and beverage packed in tin cans,aluminium foil, SUS can , tin foil ,silver paper, bottles and soft bags, etc., which could prevent the products from pollution from inside or outside the package, and lower the possibilities of oxidization and chemical or physical changes. Retort Sterilizer is critical for guaranteeing products hygiene and maintaining products nutrition and flavor. 

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Our Servicesfor sterilization machine:

 For 18 years, our products and services have been enjoying a good reputation in this import and export market.

   We provide the best pre-sale, sale and after-sale service. We have a professional working team that can design the machine for you, to ensure that you buy the best quality and fittest machine in least money.

    After sale, we provide one-year warranty to make sure that your machine runs functionally and consistently. We also provide lifelong services and spare parts for the machine.

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1. How to heat up the autoclave?

Equipped with high pressure boiler, to provide high pressure and temperature steam.

Via electric heating pipe, need stable electricity.

2.How to decide the size of autoclave we need?

Please show us the packing details of your product and the production per day. We will show you suitable type.

3.What is the control type of the autoclave?

You can choose from semi-automatic type or automatic type.

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