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Retort Machine For Sterilizing Soy Milk

Retort Machine For Sterilizing Soy Milk

The whole sterilizing soy milk sterilization process is controlled by PLC.

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Characteristic of Retort Machine for Sterilizing Soy Milk
1. Sterilization in short time
Utilize  hot water circulation for sterilization. Heated the water in the hot water tank to the required temperature of sterilization in advance, the sterilization time can be reduced and work efficiency can be improved.
2. Energy effective
The working medium during sterilization is recyclable. It reduces the production cost by saving energy, time, labor and material resources.
3. Even exchange of the water flow, even temperature, no dead area
It utilizes the international advanced technology, hot water circulation for sterilization. In the process of sterilization, circulation water in the sterilization trough will be uninterruptedly shifted up and down, left and right. It ensures the heat distribution of any spot in the trough is even. It effectively puts an end to the phenomenon of dead area in the process of sterilization and makes the guarantee period of the product more stable and longer. The temperature in the sterilization tank stays stable in all stages of the sterilization, which ensures the qualification rate of F value.
4. Automatic system
The whole sterilization process is controlled by PLC. It is a one-time action without manual operation. It utilizes the chart plate and screen touch control. All time intervals are controlled by the simulate sensor and automatic valve. The digital exhibition of pressure and temperature makes it applicable to input any pre-programmed pressure and temperature models into the computer. The computer can hold 100 sterilizing formulae.

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Application for Retort Machine for Sterilizing Soy Milk:

Meat : hamburger , roast meat ,simmered egg ,biltong
Sauce: chilli sauce,ketch up,fruit sauce,soup ,pickles, hotpot condiment
Seafood: ribbonfish ,sardine ,shrimp sauce ,salmon fishery
Beverage :milk ,peanuts milk,almond juice,coconut milk
Congee :rice-meat ,sesame, lotus nuts,peanuts ,soybean
Vegetable: cucumber ,fruit salad,bamboo shoot

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