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Retort Sterilization Equipment

Retort Sterilization Equipment

Automatic water spray retort Machine The water spray from different angles

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Sterilization equipment characteristics:

1. The water spray from different angles, steam, air and water, mixed convection, forming a perfect temperature distribution.
2. Low noise, create a quiet, comfortable operating environment.

3. to reduce steam consumption, steam, water spray after sterilization in autoclave sterilization heat directly within the mix, increase the speed of heating temperature.
4.a small amount of process water fast cycling, fast to pre-sterilization temperature.

Company information:

We are the manufacturer and also the trading company of autoclave ,Henan Lingmai Machinery Co.,Ltd was trading company,Zhoukou Xiangkai Machinery CO.,Ltd Our factory was founded in 2003,covers 40 acres,including two workshops,total employees 100-200 people.our main products are:spray autoclave ,water bath autoclave, steamautoclave ,rotary autoclave, etc.We have excellent engineers. experienced worker and professional sales team.

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Flexible packaging productsaluminum foil bags.

high—temperature cooking bag

Metal containertinplate cans,aluminum can



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