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Rotary Autoclave

Rotary Autoclave

Rotary autoclave double vessel edition mainly made of SUS304.

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Product Details

Rotary Autoclave 

Product Description:

automatic control advanced double vessel edition

Section 1  Product introduction :

Rotary Autoclave  have a 1.5m diameter and 4m cylinder length. Made of SUS304 material.  A sterilization chamber under a hot water tank. Both the sterilization chamber and the hot water tank are insulated with high quality thermal insulation material which can bear 121degree C temperature. The temperature can be controlled by PLC system. Using Siemens brand touch screen. Temperature and pressure change can be record into a SD card or a USB pen. You can print the temperature and pressure date whenever you need. Also, you can change the record date into curve on your computer.


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Section 2  General Description:

1. Rotary autoclave double vessel edition mainly made of SUS304.

2. Double vessel structure, lower vessel used as sterilization pot, and top vessel used as hot water storage tank. After sterilization, hot water can be send to the top vessel for temporary storage. After hot water was pumped to top vessel, user's unload the sterilized product and load new product that to be sterilized. Then pump the hot water in the top vessel to lower vessel. Thus, sterilization time reduced and water consumption reduced either. At the end of one day's work, how water can be used to clean other equipment.

3. Use steam and hot water as heating medium to control sterilization temperature between 50 ~ 135 degree C. temperature change path can be shown directly on the control panel, also temperature change date can recorded on a SD card.

4. Pressure in the sterilization pot can be adjusted automatically. Especially at the end of one sterilization batch, hot water was pumped out, if no pressure compensation, the sterilized product maybe destroyed due to the vacuum in the pot. Pressure compensation function was integrated into the control system.

5. You can install many different program for different product.

6. Safety lock was installed in the geared door in order to keep the operate in safe. If there is any pressure in the sterilization pot, the door will be unable to open.

7. Water inlet from the sterilization pot bottom and how water spray from top side of the pot.

8. Rotating part made of SUS304. When sterilization, rotation part will rotation at 3~8rpm.

9. English edition control system.

10. Operator can shift between "manual" and "automatic" by a click on touch screen

11. Carts and baskets are all offered and are all made of stainless steelRotary type 

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Autoclave Sterilizer / Retort Autoclave Accessories:

1. Safety valve 

2. Safety lock

3. Steam inlet valve, steam outlet valve

4. Water inlet valve, water outlet valve

5. Water circulation pump

6. All related pipes and fittings

7. PLC Control panel 

8. Sterilizer baskets and trolley.

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