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Rotary Steam Retort Sterilizer

Rotary Steam Retort Sterilizer

The rotary steam retorts are well suitable for all kinds of high-viscosity products packaged with thermal resistant materials.

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Key Specifications/Special Features:

Rotary Steam Retort Sterilizer / Sterilization Retort / Sterilizing / Autoclave Sterilizer
The rotary steam retorts are well suitable for all kinds of high-viscosity products packaged with thermal resistant materials.
1. Plastic container: Plastic bowl or cup;
2. Metal container: tin can.

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Features of Steam Retorts :

1. Low noise of the water rain retorts, creating a quiet and comfortable working environment;

2. The inside rotating body is made by using one-time molding process in machining center after being welded and assembled. The concentricity of axis and rotating body during rotation is controlled within ideal range;

3. The supporting rollers adopt antifriction bearing structure, boasting small rolling friction and long service life;

4. The transmission system incorporates a reduction box with braking function and an automatic positioning system, ensuring the crate guide rail of the rotating body stays horizontal with trolley guide rail and other guide rails of matched equipment after rotation stops;

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5. The crate compaction system utilizes cylinder automatic and respective compaction. All the cylinders are made of alloy, avoiding many disadvantages such as inaccurate spring return of rotating crate cylinder, cylinder deformation and air leakage, etc;

6. The reduction box base is integrated into the rotary steam retort, successfully avoiding a series of problems resulting from concentricity change of transmission shaft brought by deformation of reduction box base and retort body;

7. The rotating speed is governed by frequency converter so that rotating speed can be adjusted anytime depending on product viscosity to avoid delamination and precipitate;

8. The whole sterilization process adopts PLC fully automatic linearity control. Via the PLC control, the temperature difference of thermal distribution is limited within ±0.2°C. The autoclave sterilizers allow for multi-stage heating, effectively saving energy. It also has an additional F value recorder (optional), capable of storing 100 scheduled processes.

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