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Rotary Water Immerse Sterilizer

Rotary Water Immerse Sterilizer

Rotary retorting minute steam sterilization Suitable for bottled, canned food

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Product Description for rotary water immerse sterilizer
Rotary retorting minute steam sterilization,Suitable for bottled, canned food secondary sterilization equipment, automatic control system consists of process tanks, hot water tanks, pumps and connecting pipes, PLC and touch screen components of the composition. Sterilization for a variety of beverages, food processing, especially for high viscosity and high capacity of the products. For example: sterile rice pudding, meat, canned meat, canned fish, rice, drinks and other products processing.

Product Description for rotary water immerse sterilizer :

Rotary water immerse Sterilizer  is by direct injection steam, heat up the water of the hot water tank to the predetermined temperature, and then tank injection process, and make the process water pot cycle, and through the water vapor mixer heating sterilization cycles.So as to shorten the sterilization time,improve work efficiency. Sterilization process water can be recycled, save the consumption of energy, time and manpower and material resources, reduce the production cost.

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