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Single Pot Water Immersion Sterilizer Retort

Single Pot Water Immersion Sterilizer Retort

Single pot water immersion sterilizer retort is low noise of the water rain retorts.

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Features of food retort :

1. Low noise of the water rain retorts, creating a quiet and comfortable working environment;

2. The supporting rollers adopt antifriction bearing structure, boasting small rolling friction and long service life;

3. The transmission system incorporates a reduction box with braking function and an automatic positioning system, ensuring the crate guide rail of the rotating body stays horizontal with trolley guide rail and other guide rails of matched equipment after rotation stops;

4. The crate compaction system utilizes cylinder automatic and respective compaction. All the cylinders are made of alloy, avoiding many disadvantages such as inaccurate spring return of rotating crate cylinder, cylinder deformation and air leakage, etc;

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The sterilizing retort is sterilizing all kinds of vacuum packaged foods, canned foods.pouch foods,bottled drink, bottled milk Metal container:tinplate cans,aluminum can.Flexible packaging products:aluminum foil bags.high—temperature cooking bag.

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Q:Are you the manufacturer?

 A:We are the manufacturer and also the trading company of autoclave pot

Q:What is your primary autoclave machine type?

A:Horizontal &vertical,switch pot machine

Q:Do you have the factories or production lines?

 A:Yes,we have workshop.excellent engineers and experienced workers, Always welcome to visit our factory

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