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Spray Type Sterilizer

Spray Type Sterilizer

Spray Type Sterilizer is divided into top pouring type, side spray type, total spray type.

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Spray Type Sterilizer

Brief Introduction:

Spray Type Sterilizer is divided into top pouring type, side spray type, total spray type. This way is to use the nozzle and the spray pipe to spray the hot water to the food surface, the temperature uniform no dead angle. Water is heated and cooled by heat exchanger, the temperature and cooling rate is rapid, and the product can be sterilized with high efficiency and comprehensive.

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Application Scope:

Spray Type Sterilizer is widely used in meat, aquatic product, vegetables, vegetarian, eggs, soups, boxes of rice, health food, snack foods and other industries.


Equipment Characteristics:

Spray Type Sterilizer is made up of process tank, heat exchanger, water distribution device, circulating pump, automatic control valve,connecting pipe and PLC touch screen automatic control system.    


Spray Type  Sterilizer using plate heat exchanger, indirect heating and cooling. Process water adopts softened water to avoid pollution caused by water quality. As the steam and cooling water does not directly into the pot, the temperature and pressure control is more perfect and accurate.


Spray sterilization method using water as medium temperature, sterilization pot put a small amount of water,through a large flow pump make it circulate in the pot, from the nozzles provided in the kettle, the packaging material is continuously sprayed to the sterilized material, the direction of hot water keeps changing, heat diffusion is fast and heat transfer evenly. 

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