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Sterilization of Canned Food Equipment

Sterilization of Canned Food Equipment

The sterilizing machine of this series is suitable to heat and cool the liquid not corrosive to the stainless steel

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Characteristics for sterilization of canned food equipment:

Maximum capacity of at least four baskets baskets

Completely made of stainless steel SUS 304.

Thermal insulation with mineral wool and covered with stainless steel.

Warming and cooling is carried out through exchanging heat plates.

Inner distributor of water through lateral, upper and lower sprays.

All autoclaves are equipped with processes automatic box.

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Sterilization of canned food equipmentadvantage:

1.improve efficiency

2.increase output

3.sterilize thoroughly

4.Easy installation

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Application for sterilization of canned food equipment:

1 glass container: glass bottle ,milk bottled, beverage bottle

2 metal containers: tin cans,aluminium foil, SUS can , tin foil ,silver paper
3 aluminum cans plastic container: PP bottles, HDPE bottles

4 soft bags: foil bags, transparent bags,  high temperature cooking

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1.Q:Are you the manufacturer?

 A:We are the manufacturer and also the trading company of autoclave pot

2.Q:What is your primary autoclave machine type?

A:Horizontal &vertical,switch pot machine

3.Q:Do you have the factories or production lines?

 A:Yes,we have workshop.excellent engineers and experienced workers, Always welcome to visit our factory



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