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Sterilization of Fast Food Machine

Sterilization of Fast Food Machine

Sterilization of fast food machine is widely used in meat products.

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Description for sterilization of fast food machine:     

The retort autoclave is widely used in meat products, soybean products, egg products, poultry, fruits and vegetables, tea drinks, snack food processing, pharmaceutical industry and other fields.

1. Metal containers
2. Plastic containers

3. Soft bag

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Features for sterilization of fast food machine :

1. Carbon steel construction or all stainless steel construction: 304 / 316

2. Sterilization baskets quantity from 1pcs to 6pcs

3. Suitable for the sterilization of meat, fish, vegetable, as well as paste and sauce

4. Suitable for tin can and glass jar and vacuum package

5. Use compressed air as counter pressure 

6. Heating medium can be steam, hot water and water-steam mixture

7. Cooling medium can be tap water, or ice water

8. Temperature automatic control

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Application for sterilization of fast food machine :

Meat, egg, fresh corn, peanut, mountain vegetables, bean products, aquatic products and other foods high temperature sterilization. Wide scope of application, businesses can use, and be able to meet production requirements.

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