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Sterilizing Can Food Retort Machine

Sterilizing Can Food Retort Machine

sterilizing can food retort machineis widely used in sterilization of packed fast food and beverage packed in tin plate cans.

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Advantage for sterilizing can food retort machine :

1.  Energy contained in the storage vessel allows for extremely short temperature come-up-time.

 2.Water envelops the containers - even temperature penetration into the product from all sides.

3.Optimized water circulation system guarantees homogenous temperature distribution.

4.Buoyancy in full water immersion relieves sensible containers as semi-rigid trays, pouches

5.Counter pressure control with steam in the storage vessel avoids pressure peaks and minimizes stress to packaging material.

6. Even, gentle but nevertheless fast cooling avoids thermal shock and post-sterilization cooking effect.

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Our services:

1.Overseas after-sale installation services.

2.Customer target product process test.

3.Cultural Exchange with China.

4.Personal Tailor accroding to your product.

5.Organize training course  to teach the food supplier how to be better sterilize products.

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