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Two Pots Food Sterilizer Autoclave

Two Pots Food Sterilizer Autoclave

The water immersion retorts are suitable for various heat resistant packaging materials.

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Two Pots Food Sterilizer Autoclave

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Model NO.: LM-TP

Customized: Customized

Composition: Sterilization Equipment

Origin: China

Condition: New

Voltage: 220V

Trademark: Lingmai 

Two Pots Food Sterilizer Autoclave


The water immersion retorts are suitable for various heat resistant packaging materials. 

Plastic container: PP bottle, HDPE bottle;

Soft pouch: aluminum-foil pouch, transparent pouch, vacuum pouch, high temperature retort pouch, etc.;

Metal container: tinplate cans, aluminum can. 

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High temperature and short time sterilization. Water heating in advance to the sterilization temperature, thereby reducing the sterilization time, improve the working efficiency;Save energy and increase output. The working medium used in the sterilization process can be used to save energy, time and manpower;Material consumption, reduce production costs. Two sterilization pot at the same time using a pot of hot water work, than double double sterilization pot production capacity doubled;For flexible packaging products, especially the big packaging, heat penetration speed, good sterilization effect;Uniform heat distribution, product quality easy control.The whole sterilization process adopts PLC fully automatic linearity control. Via the PLC control, the temperature difference of thermal distribution is limited within ±0.2°C. The autoclave sterilizers allow for multi-stage heating, effectively saving energy. It also has an additional F value recorder (optional), capable of storing 100 scheduled processes. 

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