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Ultra-High Temperature Sterilizer

Ultra-High Temperature Sterilizer

Ultra-High Temperature Sterilizer adopts casing structure, has the characteristics such as high efficiency, energy saving and simple operation.

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Ultra-High Temperature Sterilizer

Product Description:

Ultra-High Temperature Sterilizer adopts casing structure, has the characteristics such as high efficiency, energy saving and simple operation. Due to the short heating time, small nutrition loss, the sterilizer is widely used in fresh milk, soybean milk, fruit juice, beverage, soy sauce, wine, ice cream paste and other fluid materials such as soymilk, fluid drugs. If the homogenizer is set together, the autoclave can also be used for high viscosity materials such as sugar beets and condensed milk and so on.


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Working Principles:

 1. The general material get into the heat exchange device through the centrifugal pump to get preheating.

2. After the high temperature barrel full of high pressure, the material is rapidly heated to the sterilization temperature and maintains for about 3seconds, the microorganism and enzymes are kills quickly.

3. After getting out the high temperature barrel, the materials cool down by heat exchanging with cold materials, so the temperature is generally low than 65 Celsius Degree.

4.  If the next process needs to increase temperature, it can be done by adjusting the angle globe valve or circulation. Otherwise, cooling water should be access to low the discharge temperature.

5. The discharge is controlled by throttle valve. Under a certain pressure, this valve can maintain the boiling point higher than highest temperature. Adjust this valve in normal production, the driving force from the pump overcome the spring pressure to form back pressure, and thus to control flow.

6. Surely, it should be all open when cleaning this sterilization machine. Circular storage tank can be used for the preparation of acid and alkali solution, and clean the coil fouling in the inner wall effectively. Because of the stainless steel triplet cock, the flow can be adjusted suitably.


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1. Continuous production makes short sterilization time.

2. Due to short heating time, quality products available.

3. Ultra high temperature makes ideal sterilization effect.

4. Linked with centrifugal pump and high-pressure homogenizer, application range is wide, and is suitable for high viscosity materials sterilization.

5. The heat exchanger in design can utilize waste heat, so that the steam consumption is small. 

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