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Water Bath Type Autoclave

Water Bath Type Autoclave

Water Bath Type Autoclave is traditional water immerse autoclave.

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Water Bath Type Autoclave


Water Bath Type Autoclave Working process:

Fill the basket with products and fix the baskets in the rotor .Then Water Bath Type Autoclave to a pointed direction.

The preheated water in the upper tank is injected into the processing tank directly.

The circulating pump recycles the sterilizing water in the processing tank.At the same time,the steam heats the water to the set temperature and keeps the temperature in an excellent condition.

After sterilization ,the sterilizing water will be collected back to the upper tank to be used in next batch.

The cooling water is injected into the autoclave and cool the products down quickly.

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Water Bath Type Autoclave Features:

The sterilizing water is preheated. The higher initial temperature shortens the sterilizing time and protects the quality of the products.

The sterilizing water could be pumped back to the upper tank after sterilizing which saves steam and water .

Prevent the porridge products from precipitate during the sterilization.

Save energy: The sterilizing water is used recycling which saves the steam.


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