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Water Immersion Retort Machine

Water Immersion Retort Machine

Water Immersion Retort Machine are basic type - horizontal and vertical.

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Water Immersion Retort Machine

There are two basic type - horizontal and vertical.

The advantages - can process with over-pressure, which allows use of the full range of rigid, semi-rigid and flexible packages. These include glass, plastic cups with double seams, laminate pouches, plastic bottles, plastic trays and cups with laminate foil tops, ect..  

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Horizontal Water Immersion Retort Machine

Horizontal Water Immersion Retort is very similar in appearance to a horizontal still steam retort. Food containers are loaded into crates/racks/baskets which are wheeled into the retort.

Vertical Water Immersion Retort Machine

Food containers are loaded into retort crates and lowered into the retort utilizing an overhead mechanical hoist. The most common container processed in water immersion retorts is glass bottles with screw on closures. However, recently use of other new container types has increased.    

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1. Can do a wide range of container types.

2. Relatively Simple.

3. Relatively Inexpensive.

4. Relatively Easy to Operate.

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