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Industrial Autoclave For Lunch Box

Industrial Autoclave For Lunch Box

automatic water spray retort pot that produces is developed and designed by the food heat treatment expert.

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Product Description of water spray retort:

automatic water spray retort pot that produces in our company is developed and designed by the low acid food heat treatment expert,water spray retort pot  is strictly in accordance with national standards and the relevant provisions of the United States FDA .According to the different heating ,water spray retort pot can be divided into the Internal heating water spray retort pot and the external heating spray pot, Inside heating type spray sterilizing pot is directly heated by steam, directly cooled, warming and cooling fast, reducing steam consumption, saving energy and producing high efficiency.We can configure the F value to precisely control the sterilization function according to the needs of customers, so as to retain the original color, texture and nutritional content of the food to the greatest extent, and provide additional value for customers to increase economic benefits.

Features of water spray retort:

Accurate pressure balance control system can ensure that the product in the cooling stage, the outer packing deformation degree dropped to the bottom, especially suitable for air packaged food.

Using the German Siemens hardware and software control system to ensure the safe, reliable and efficient operation .

The atomized bactericidal water can enlarge the area of heat exchange, improve the sterilization efficiency and ensure the good bactericidal effect.


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