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Retort Sterilization Equipment

Retort Sterilization Equipment

Retort sterilization equipment employ the hot water spray

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Retort sterilization equipment for description

The basket loading system with Auto loading and manual loading system, When with auto-loading system, in the sterilizer chamber would be a chain loading driver for pull in the batch sterilization basket and fitting in position, As the sterilization process is finish, the chain driver would push out the basket case by case, At the front of sterilizer should have a truck for storage the basket.

Manual loading system was with a trolley carry the sterilization basket on it, the cage push in the chamber was by manual

There are three types of retort sterilization equipment: hot water spray, hot water retaining, and steam methods.

We offer the optimal system for various conditions such as the type of food, shape of the container, production quantity and automation.

With uniform distribution of temperature inside the tank and a high repeatability rate, the equipment has received high recognition as sterilizing equipment for food and medicinal equipment.

Retort sterilization equipment  employ the hot water spray, depending on the types of containers and food items. It allows a choice of sterilisation method taking into consideration both taste and safety.

Retort sterilization equipment for services:

Our company stock a comprehensive range of quality, spares ensuring that maintenance and repairs are completed and quickly and painlessly as possible. Depending upon which service plan you choose some spares are included.


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