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Water Spray Retort Machine

Water Spray Retort Machine

Water spray retort machine is widely used in sterilization of packed food and beverage

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Description about water spray retort machine:

Water spray retort machine is widely used in sterilization of packed food and beverage, especially for fast food and beverage packed in tin plate cans, bottles and soft bags, etc., which could prevent the products from pollution from inside or outside the package, and lower the possibilities of oxidization and chemical or physical changes. Water spray  retort machine  is critical for guaranteeing products hygiene and maintaining products nutrition and flavor.

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Feature and details about water spray retort machine:

1: water shower or spray type sterilization , raise/drop temp/pressure very precise

2: small water amount, save energy

3: ten step temp/pressure settings , make the pressure control perfect

4:Simens PLC and touches screen, reliable and easy to access

5: SUS304 good grade material used

6: whole machine quality warranty 1-3 years

7:FREE operator training and user factory installation.

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