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Water Spray Sterilizer Retort Equipment

Water Spray Sterilizer Retort Equipment

Water spray sterilizer retort working, directly injected steam blends with fine droplets of the water spray.

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Description of water spray sterilizer retort equipment:

When steam spray sterilizer retort working, directly injected steam blends with fine droplets of the water spray and results in an extremely homogenous heat transfer environment throughout the whole retort sterilizer. As water jets spray into the sterilization baskets from its top and the sides as well, even and rapid heating and cooling process will be achieved. During the preheating process, counter pressure will be unnecessary. After the content in sterilizer being heated to 121 degree C or any other sterilization temperature, the counter pressure will be needed especially in the sterilization process of glass bottle and tin can. The counter pressure is mainly generated from the compressed air. This pressure will help to keep the bottle cap stay at the bottle without flip out due to the inner bottle pressure.

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Accessories for water spray sterilizer retort equipment:

· Pressure gauge

· Temperature thermometer

· Safety valve

· Safety lock

· Gasket sealing ring

· Pressure relief valve

· Compressed air inlet valve

· Water inlet pump

· Steam inlet valve and by pass valve (optional)

· Pipe filter for cooling water

· Filter screen for water outlet pipe (optional for glass jar sterilizer)

· Countdown Timer for sterilization period / cooking phase

· Level meter

· Plate heat exchanger (optional)

· Round Paper recorder / paper less recorder (optional)

· USB Date logger (optional)

· Insulated Hot water tank (optional)

· Conveyor Chain inside the sterilizer retort (optional)

· PLC control system (optional)

· Air compressor

· Compressed air storage tank

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